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10 tips for beginning an acting career

As a beginner actor in Hollywood you need to truly want this as your career. There is no half-assing it, this has to be your passion or you will never make it. And these 10 tips are dedicated to those who can't imagine doing anything else but acting.

10 Important Hollywood Actor Survival Tips

1. Get used to the word: "No." Every successful actor has heard it from a potential agent or casting director. And it is okay, it's a part of the business. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your audition and it could be because you're too short, too tall, too blonde, not blonde, too skinny, not skinny enough, too ambiguous looking or too ethnic looking. Or your audition just plain sucked!

2. Someone will eventually say, "Yes!" If you don't give up and commit to being a career waiter or waitress, someone will give you a chance. And when they do, ALWAYS give them your best.

3. Get business cards! You never know who you will meet just by chance, so always be prepared.

4. Socialize and Network at professional entertainment events as much as possible. You will met film makers, casting directors and fellow actors that may have amazing projects you can be a part of.

5. Keep your headshots updated. Nothing is worse than showing up for an audition after you've submitted a clean-cut college boy headshot and now you're a big-bearded hipster. Stay current because casting directors are expecting to see the person in the picture.

6. Stay educated and prepared in your field. Attend acting classes as often as you can. Many offer free audits. Go where you will comfortable and where you can blossom. If you can't afford classes right now, grab a friend and act out scenes from scripts or improvise different scenarios.

7. Identify your favorite actors and directors and be clear on why you like them. It will help you realize what kind of projects you want to work on.

8. Always do your research! Not everyone is a reputable agent or casting director.

9. Join and These websites are reputable and a great way to find an agent and submit yourself to various acting gigs.

10. Never Give Up!

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